Producing & Implementing Creative Ideas

Be more creative when producing ideas and solutions. Transform new ideas into concrete and feasible solutions. Apply different innovative techniques to remove obstacles to success during projects.

Objectives :

At the end of the session, you will be able to :

Course Leader :

Jacques Dufrenne, Associate Director of CSI Consultants
Other CSI Consultants may join in case of a larger outdoor programme

Learning design :

Theory and practice on creativity will help participants to understand the different dimensions of innovation. They will study a process to change new ideas into solutions. Participants will leave the session with "ready to use" and applicable techniques. Blockages and barriers to creativity on the work place are also deeply explored.

Target audience :

All persons willing to generate more new ideas and solutions when needed. Any person concerned with R+D environment. Any person involved in problem solving.

Includes :

Personality assessment
Various creativity tools and techniques