Managing & Implementing Changes

Be able to respond to changes, understand how we react during changes, manage others' attitudes, understand the effects of changes and create solutions for you or others.

Objectives :

At the end of the session, you will be able to :

Course Leader :

Jacques Dufrenne, Associate Director, (emphasis on understanding changes)
or Edwin Wellian, Associate Director, (emphasis on implementing changes)

Learning design :

Theories followed by workshops will help participants to progress step by step. Issues and fundamentals on: Ego needs, attitudes, values, believes, emotions, change process. Creating solutions to implement changes.
Optional interviews of all candidates (by tel.) before the session will help getting their exact needs and issues. Will also help in validating objectives and seminar content, modified according to interviews results.

Target audience :

Any person or team who will be exposed to changes. Managers willing to manage or implement changes with more success.

Includes :

Personality assessment and manual
Optional interviews of all participants before the session.