The Team Builds The Team

Understand the major steps and principles of negotiations. To manage concessions in a mature way. To be able to limit discounts. To understand personality and Ego issues during negotiation process.

Objectives :

At the end of the session, you will be able to :

Course Leader :

Jacques Dufrenne, Associate Director of CSI Consultants
Other CSI Consultants may join in case of a larger outdoor programme

Learning design :

Definition of negotiation, negotiation styles and principles, negotiation preparation and process, theories tested during workshops. Definition of sales, sales process, sales tools, sales psychology. Finding who are the key players during negotiation, identify the limit of concessions, the sources of power, the others needs, etc... Key differences between Sales and negotiations. Practice. Marketing fundamentals and applications with your business.

Target audience :

Sales persons, Buyers, Major Account sales persons, Distributors, Dealers, VARs, etc...

Includes :

Several workshops with individual feedback
Personality assessment
Negotiation and Sales tools
Marketing fundamentals