Innovative Project Management

Bring more creative solutions to different problems and obstacles in each step of a project. Get team members commitments. Understand basic Project Management techniques.

Objectives :

At the end of the session, you will be able to :

Course Leader :

Jacques Dufrenne, Associate Director of CSI Consultants

Learning design :

Fundamental steps: Initialization, strategic planning, implementation, measure & follow-up, modifications. Finding innovative solutions to any problem or concern will be a major learning event. How to manage people during project work. How to create a project team. A large project is used as a learning tool and participants will build a real piece of equipment and see their progress. Communication and innovation theories will be used as levers.

Target audience :

All Managers & Specialists involved in projects. Ideally: a project team.

Includes :

Material for workshops
Personality assessment
Specific process reminder