The Team Builds The Team

Improve teamwork and teamspirit in order to gain measurable benefits. To make sure the whole group moves forward together.
To solve problems and get better results. To share more about yourselves.

Objectives :

At the end of the session, you will be able to :

Course Leader :

Jacques Dufrenne, Associate Director of CSI Consultants
Other CSI Consultants may join in case of a larger outdoor programme

Learning design :

Challenges, trust, sharing, and synergy are the key elements. Highly interactive two day session. The team will go through a series of exercises and workshops that will help creating the right spirit and cooperation. Individual personality assessments and group dynamics will serve a basis. Fundamentals in human interaction will be explored and used. The team will be exposed to several tasks and results will be analyzed. Outdoor or Indoor exercises will help anchoring the new working dimension.

Target audience :

Teams, Project groups, virtual teams, a department, a business team across countries, etc...

Includes :

Interviews of all participants before the session
Personality assessment, Team assessment
Workshops and material