Managing a Performance Gap

Very short session for Managers who cannot spend several days on management training. Very intensive, solution oriented, one day workshop. Includes fundamentals on Coaching, Performance deviations & measures, MBO, Human interaction.

What exactly means: Managing a performance gap ?

It means :

Key points on "coaching" :

Process for Managing a performance gap :

  1. Analyzing the deviation
  2. Applying coaching step by step
  3. Apply Management by Objectives (MBO)

1. Analyzing the deviation :

  1. Define clearly the problem: what are we talking about (facts, numbers, expectations, descriptions, dates, duration, percentages, etc...)
  2. Make sure the Employee agrees with the deviation level or with the problem.
  3. Is it very important, is it worth spending time and energy?
  4. Does the Employee know how important it is?
  5. Does she or he has the tools to act differently?
  6. Does she or he has the competencies?
  7. Does she or he knows how to do?
  8. Did anybody told the Employee what could be the consequences of acting in that way?
  9. Did the Employee have a chance to act differently in the future?
  10. Does she or he know the mission and objectives well enough?
  11. And more than anything else : ARE YOU A MODEL FOR THE EMPLOYEE?

2.Coaching step by step :

Follow those steps and the order :

  1. Know exactly what is the deviation, from what norm, with enough concrete facts.
  2. Choose the environment where the coaching will take place: a separate confidential room. Not the Employee's work place, nobody should notice what is happening.
  3. The coaching follow-up can be done on the work place, in a smooth way.
  4. Make you that you and the Employee agree on the problem definition. Do not start unless you get an agreement on the performance gap.
  5. Share the cause and effects, the facts, the "why" it happened.
  6. Share and discuss different solutions or suggestions for improvements.
  7. Agree on one and only one clear action plan. Do not leave the room without an agreed action plan. In the action plan, the level of performance and expected results should be redefined and the understanding should be checked.
  8. Be the person with questions, not with answers
  9. Be positive, constructive, fair, smart.
  10. Listen well, remember that when you are upset you do not listen well.
  11. Make sure you notice improvements rapidly on the work place. If you see improvement, let the Employee know what you saw. If you do not see improvement, do not wait too long, say it rapidly too.

3.Apply Management by Objectives

  1. Create a set of measurable objectives for each Employee at the beginning.
  2. Review objectives achievement regularly with each Employee. After 3 months then after each year.
  3. Manage the Department global objectives as well.
  4. Set challenging objectives each year, with growing difficulty
  5. For each objective not met, make sure you write a detailled action plan on how to achieve it better in the near future
  6. Train yourself on Management by Objective theory & practice
  7. Use performance evaluation models and tactical plans to record objectives and achiements

How to fail in "Managing a performance gap" ?


Who should attend :

Any Manager or Project leader willing to get better results in his or her team.
Any Leader having low performers in the team.

Seminar logistics :

Price and specific needs on demand at:
Includes personality analysis, manuals, mini assessment.
Travel, meals and lodging not included.