How to benefit from the diversity of individual professional profiles and behaviors in teams ?

The concept :

To better understand one's preferences in the work environment, there is a method tested with over 20 000 persons throughout the world. This method is based on the work of Karl Jung who carried out a study on personality, based on repetitive, observable data.

This method, known as "typology", identifies what is called a "professional profile" which illustrates the diverse ways individuals approach their work, as well as the diverse behaviors observed in professional situations.

At CSI Consultants, a group of behaviors were observed and indexed in the form of a pyramid.

These dominant personality traits generate perceivable and anticipated behaviors.

If it is utopian to imagine that we could easily change business, job or even behaviors, it is however possible to foresee individual preferences and even distribute certain responsibilities or tasks according to profound vocations of each actor.

Domains :

This method provides a way to improve the knowledge of oneself and thus to improve the development of individual performance or Team performance.

Consequently, it has proven to be effective in improving the efficiency of groups or teams :

The utilization of the professional profiles from CSI Consultants permits to better understand the dynamics that are found in a group of persons that work together, and to help them evolve in order to attain the objectives of their group. Especially in major issues that necessitate collaboration and inter-personal synergy, such as problem solving, decision making, inventing new solutions, setting objectives and elaborating action plans, project management, and team management, etc… The profiles are equally effective in project like: evaluating performances, competencies and potential to some extent, as well as in recruitment and internal mobility, and customers contact.

Method :

Each person fills out an individual questionnaire (available in different languages), which is handled confidentially by CSI Consultants.

The questionnaire is simple and rapid to fill out (approx. 10 minutes). Each person receives a visualization of his or her professional profile on the pyramid, as well as a specific document that compares the results of his or her personal data to those obtained by a representation of individuals with identical profiles. Most probable strengths and weaknesses are also listed.

The professional profile is, of course, a tool which is used as support in a session of training and development. The domains and manner of application vary according to the development objectives.