Who are we ?

We are :
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CSI Consultants was founded by Jacques Dufrenne, in 1989, after 15 years spent at Hewlett-Packard as Sales Engineer, Country Support Manager, European Training Manager. We are a bilingual small team of senior Consultants (English and French speaking), accessible, available and listening permanently to your needs. (Other languages on demand, like German, etc...).
35 years of experience in multinationals and industrial companies, world wide. Complementary "Know-how" & "competencies" : technical, organisational and human behaviors & interactions.

What do we offer ?

Specific solutions created and built with you, answering your specific needs in people development, audits, talents acquisition, recruitment, ... Tailored development steps and tools that take into account the uniqueness of your internal and external contexts.
Structured and efficient behavior analysis in order to give you a new insight into your organization.


Our clients :

Our guarantee :

The solutions will always match your needs and concerns.
We use the latest created concepts, tools and theories.
If your objectives are not met, the invoice will not be issued !